Donald (brightorange14) wrote,

Vacation learning experience

Things I learned from my vacation this past week:

1) If Tex and I are to travel together again we need a set agenda ahead of time. Likely one that involves a couple of days of Tex leaves really early in the morning so that he doesn't waste any of his time in a new location while I stay in bed until noon so that I don't get back from vacation more tired than I was at the start.

2) Tex and I can spend about four days straight together before we start to get on each others' nerves. We didn't formally stop speaking to each other, but keeping it from getting to that point required that we mostly stopped speaking to each other.

3) The manatee has no natural predator. I'm convinced that this means it tastes terrible, though I didn't find it on a menu anyplace to test this hypothesis. (Unfortunately, I did not learn how to spell predator until after sending out postcards.)

4) It's good to schedule a day off of work when returning from vacation. It's even better to remember that I have done so instead of showing up to an 8 AM meeting on the final day off.

5) Continental Airlines business model seems to be to provide something other than they agreed to and then supply upset customers with travel vouchers for just enough that they come back and try Continental again.

6) My uncle has poor taste in Chinese buffets.

7) Chick-fil-A not only has great lemonade but top notch WiFi.
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